American Heart Association’s 2020 CPR Updates

Each year, the American Heart Association (AHA) releases updated guidelines for how to improve the effectiveness of CPR. Because research and studies are continuously leading to new information which is then reviewed by leaders at the AHA, they use that information to ensure improved training for those taking CPR classes and also to lead to […]

Preventing and Treating Lab Accidents

As part of our ongoing serious on workplace safety, including how to treat and prevent accidents at the office and treating and preventing accidents at a construction site, our first aid and CPR training center are going to share some tips and methods for preventing and treating accidents in a lab.  Why Is Lab Safety […]

CPR Doll’s Face Is A Copy Of 19th Century Drowned Woman’s Face

CPR Doll’s Face Is A Copy Of 19th Century Drowned Woman’s Face You would probably be surprised how many everyday objects and common things have ridiculous, bizarre or even hilarious origin stories. Like the stethoscope for instance!! This ingenious piece of medical equipment which became an inseparable part of a physicians image was actually invented […]

First Aid Tips for Hiking

Now that warm weather is here, you’re probably ready to get outside and enjoy it. If you want a bit more exercise and adventure than a simple walk or jog around your neighborhood or local park, Raleigh offers some amazing areas that are perfect an afternoon of hiking. However, it’s easy to get hurt while […]