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A wide variety of industries are legally required to have a staff that is first aid and CPR certified. However, the logistics of ensuring compliance, keeping certifications up-to-date, and reimbursing employees for taking classes can be a nightmare. It’s easy to miss a lapsed certification which can be a disaster in the event that someone is injured or goes into cardiac arrest. To ensure your team is up-to-date in CPR and first aid without the chaos and confusion, our CPR training center in Raleigh is sharing some benefits to hosting onsite first aid classes.

Confidence in Quality Training

By having your staff all certified by the same organization at the same time, you can feel confident that your team is trained in the most up-to-date lifesaving methods and techniques. There is no confusion if one person went to a class at one training center and another person went to a different training center. Everyone will receive the same CPR and first aid information and will be tested in the same manner, particularly if you partner with an American Heart Association-approved CPR training facility.

Onsite CPR Training is Cost Efficient

If you require first aid training, most likely you’re not only having to reimburse people who have to pay for the class, you’re having to pay them for their time in the class – often three to four hours. By getting your team together at once in one location, you can pay for the training directly to the provider, often at a discount, and because your team will be onsite, they can clock in like it’s a normal work shift. This also saves time with your payroll and accounts payable departments because they don’t have to add manual information.

Hosting First Aid Classes Onsite Is Convenient

When you require your staff to have CPR and first aid training, it’s important to make sure they not only receive their certification from an accredited source, but it also must be maintained. Whether you have 10 or 100 employees, keeping up with records can be difficult. If someone slips through the cracks and doesn’t take a class or lets their certification expire and an emergency happens, your company could be held liable.

If you have a small team, you can have your entire workforce receive their CPR certification at once with onsite training, then, you can continue to schedule training at the same time each year. For larger organizations, simply break up the training and scheduling it once per month or quarter, depending on your needs. These records are easier to maintain and updating information is a snap.

Safer CPR Training During COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to impact our lives, sending your employees out to take CPR classes may not be the safest option. You don’t know if the people in the class may have been exposed nor do you know about the sanitation and cleaning practices that are occurring in the class environment. Bringing a CPR instructor in lessens exposure risks and allows improved social distancing to remain in effect by having smaller, more controlled class sizes. We also offer Online CPR classes as well.

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