CPR Classes in Raleigh Are  Available 24 hours a Day

We provide CPR training and our other classes 24 hours a day. So now your employees that are working third shift no longer have to come back in just for training. This schedule increases morale with your employees by training on their internal schedule. Our locations have instructors that are able to meet almost any need that can arise.

Learn from Industry Professionals

We are more than just instructors. We are professional Paramedics, Nurses, Physicians, Emergency Managers and even Firefighter/EMT’s possessing professional experience and backgrounds in Emergency Care, Critical Care, Prehospital Emergency Care and even Mass Causality Incident Management. Our Instructors have developed expertise in course content through extensive clinical experience and frequent teaching of the American Heart Association and ASHI curriculum.

Schedule your CPR Training today

We offer both training for individuals at our Raleigh office and for business at your office. To learn more about this course or to ask about on-site training, reach out to us today at (919) 639-4848 or fill out the form below!

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