Providing your company with affordable and comprehensive emergency training programs is our goal. We spend time working directly with you to determine your needs and find the CPR training or AED program that best suits your organization. After the training, we’ll stay in touch throughout the year to assist you with additional training, providing AED devices, or a new certification you team needs. In turn, you can provide your employees with the best programs that work for you and for them.

We proudly provide programs from the American Heart Association along with the American Safety & Health Institute.

Corporate CPR Training

We train your employees in a practical and entertaining way so they are able to truly make a difference in any emergency. We conduct classes for small groups with personalized focus of instruction and attention to quality. The small group format and individual attention promotes a less stressful environment in which students are encouraged to ask questions and interact. This format also provides for a nearly 100% pass rate because extra time and attention can be provided to students who require additional assistance.

The small size of our class and the individual attention also allow for shorter classes than those generally conducted in larger groups or in hospital settings. Our students leave the classes saying that they have learned more in our sessions than in any of their previous classes.

Benefits of Onsite CPR Training 

We’ll train your employees in a practical yet engaging way so they can react to a sudden cardiac arrest emergency. We conduct CPR classes for small groups which allows for a personalized focus and the utmost attention to quality life-saving instruction. The smaller group format allows the learner to get individual attention.

Small Groups

Smaller class size allows for shorter class times which means employees can reasonably return to work once training is over. The average time for a CPR course runs 2 – 3 hours depending if it’s a certification or recertification class. Larger groups or instruction in hospital settings often run longer.

We’ve noticed when students are comfortable in a relaxed, stress-free group setting, they’re more likely to:

  • Ask questions
  • Interact freely with one another
  • Retain information
  • Test better

There’s almost a 100 percent pass rate for participants in our small groups. This is because time allows for learners who require additional assistance. Students leave our classes saying that they’ve learned more in one of our sessions than in any of their previous classes.

CPR Classes Available 24 Hours a Day

We provide CPR training and our other classes 24 hours a day. So now your employees that are working third shift no longer have to come back in just for training. This schedule increases morale with your employees by training on their internal schedule. Our locations have instructors that are able to meet almost any need that can arise.

CPR Training Outline

This practical course covers first aid, Heimlich maneuver, chest compressions and breaths, and how to properly use an AED, which is an important device for saving lives. After the course, there’s a written test about newly-gained CPR knowledge.

What our CPR training class includes:

  • Lecture
  • Class materials
  • Demonstration
  • Practical exercise
  • Multiple Choice Exam
  • Certification or Recertification

Experienced and Certified CPR Instructors

We’re more than just certified CPR instructors. We have experience in a variety of health-related and emergency response backgrounds.

Who is among our talented, professional instructors?

  • Paramedics
  • Nurses
  • Physicians
  • Emergency Managers
  • Firefighter/EMT’s

What are their professional areas of expertise?

  • Emergency Care
  • Critical Care
  • Prehospital Emergency Care
  • Mass Causality Incident Management

Our competent instructors have developed expertise in course content through extensive clinical experience and frequent teaching of the American Heart Association and ASHI curriculum.

Continued Onsite CPR Training

Our instructors stay connected and committed to your company throughout the year after your employees’ complete CPR training. With steady communication, we can assist with additional training, provide AED devices, or conduct new certifications as your team’s needs grow and change.

No matter if your company is a smaller business, mid-sized one, or a larger corporation, working alongside CPR Educators is an excellent investment to certify employees in CPR workplace skills.

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