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If you work in healthcare, at a school, or in one of dozens of industries that require CPR classes and first aid certification, you may be concerned about taking a class right now, especially as COVID-19 is still a serious threat. However, is it possible to maintain or get your training while practicing social distancing and avoiding groups?

Fortunately, our CPR training center in Raleigh offers a safe and convenient way to minimize your exposure while still getting the information you need.

Our Online CPR Classes

We are excited to offer HeartCode® Basic Life Support (BLS) classes that blend online learning and hands-on training. This program was developed by the American Heart Association, and students complete the cognitive portion online, including:

  • Learning signs of an emergency;
  • How to respond to a cardiac arrest situation or treat an injury;
  • The steps of CPR and how to administer them to adults and children;

This allows students to go at the pace they’re comfortable with and block out time that’s convenient for them to learn what they need for the test.

Following the self-guided online portion, students will then attend our CPR training center in Raleigh to gain hands-on skills and take the test with a certified instructor.

What Is Included with Our Online CPR Class

Every student who signs up and completes the online CPR program will receive in-depth resources and learning tools. The online portion of the class will include:

  • 8 learning modules
  • 4 eSimulations with cases that include 2 adult BLS cases with two rescuers, 1 child BLS case with one rescuer, and 1 infant BLS case with two rescuers.
  • Each eSimulation will include a critical concept summary and virtual debriefings.

You’ll also have access to downloadable resources, including:

  • BLS reference card
  • Team diagram
  • Summary of the components of high-quality (most effective) CPR
  • Skills testing checklists
  • American Heart Association Chain of Survival
  • Online access to the BLS Provider Manual
  • Multiple choice, 25-question exam to test cognitive knowledge
  • Certificate of completion available to print after HeartCode BLS modules and simulations, exam, and course evaluation have been completed successfully
  • Two-year access to all information included in HeartCode BLS (following activation)

The in-person portion will involve a brief class with fewer than 25 people in the group. Each person will get to partake in hands-on practice and receive one-on-one interaction with an instructor in a way that is safer and healthier than a traditional CPR training class.

Benefits of HeartCode® BLS Training

This “hybrid” type of CPR class offers several benefits to our students. Specifically time and safety. By doing much of the class online, you don’t have to fit your schedule around a four-hour training class. Instead, you work at a pace that’s comfortable for you at the time that is optimal for your schedule.

The other main benefit is health. By keeping classes smaller and reducing the amount of time spent in the classroom setting, you’re able to have more personal space with limited contact with other people.

Sign Up for Online CPR Training Today

If you need CPR certification and want a safer solution, we can help! Simply register for your class, then call us to get your personalized PIN to access the course. Once you access or activate your account, you can set up a time for an in-person evaluation. Visit our HeartCode® BLS class registration for more information, give us a call at  (919) 639-4848, or fill out the contact form below to learn more. If you still are interested in a more on-site training approach, learn more about training at your organization.

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