If you’re a business owner in an industry that requires employees to acquire their CPR certification, or you want students at your school or volunteers for your organization to take classes, let us help! We offer onsite CPR classes in Wilmington and will come to your jobsite, corporate center, or school 24 hours a day. Because we know that typical business hours don’t work for everyone, we’re there when you need us. This means that even if you have a late night team or weekend workers, they’ll get their CPR certification, too.

Why Choose Onsite CPR Classes in Wilmington?

Even though most people take CPR classes for a job requirement, such as day care staff, lifeguards, and construction workers, these are skills that are important for everyone to know. A heart attack, stroke, or cardiac arrest can strike anyone at any time or place and being able to take quick, decisive action and step in to provide first aid is the biggest factor in whether or not a victim survives.

With onsite CPR certification and first aid training, you can easily keep up with who has their certification, make sure to schedule classes for the people who need it, and avoid having to reimburse your students who would otherwise have to pay out of pocket for classes. Best of all, your employees will be able to learn lifesaving skills in a comfortable setting among people they know, rather than in a room full of strangers.

American Heart Association CPR Certification in Wilmington

Our center is an American Heart Association Authorized Training Center and we teach based on their in-depth curriculum. All of our classes are taught by experienced, certified instructors who come from a medical background or are first responders, including paramedics, nurses, EMTs, and other professions. Their experience allows them to apply real world practicality to the lessons learned in the class.

BLS Certification

In addition to the standard CPR classes and the Pediatric Heartsaver training, we also offer Basic Life Support, or BLS certification. This is a class specifically designed for all healthcare workers, including EMTs, nurses, dentists, and doctors as well as other first responders. We teach both single rescuer and team basic life support skills for use in both hospital and medical settings and when out in the field.

Contact Us for CPR Training in Wilmington

Providing your organization with onsite CPR or BLS classes in Wilmington is convenient and effective. To learn more about this course or to ask about on-site training, reach out to us today at (919) 639-4848 or fill out the form below!