For  CPR certification, first aid, and AED training in Myrtle Beach, CPR Educators Myrtle Beach AED and CPR classes offers a variety of classes to be taught on-site at your company or organization. Our certified instructors provide hands-on instruction in a fun, engaging setting, and they bring an extensive professional background in administering emergency care. Many of our instructors are EMTs  and nurses who teach more than just the information, they prepare students in administering CPR and first aid in a practical, real-world situation.

Why Take Myrtle Beach CPR Classes?

Simply put: CPR and first aid, when done by an informed, properly trained individual, saves lives. While no one wants to be in a situation where they have to provide emergency life-saving skills, there are times when, in the case of a heart attack, stroke, or major accident, these skills mean the difference between life and death. During an emergency, every second counts, and the during those minutes between calling 911 and EMTs arriving on-site, the victim could be in serious danger.  

Our instructors make sure that every student knows how to take action during an emergency and step in to perform CPR or administer first aid or AED correctly and confidently, giving the victim improved chances at a positive outcome.

Our First Aid, Emergency Training, and CPR Classes in Myrtle Beach

CPR Educators offer several different safety and emergency skills training courses from basic life support (BLS) to pediatric CPR.

Heartsaver® Pediatric First Aid CPR AED

Intended for child care workers, this course prepares students with how to respond when a child becomes seriously ill or injured and how to care for them until they can receive professional attention.

Basic Life Support CPR

Designed for healthcare workers including CNAs, EMTs, and nurses, the BLS course teaches basic CPR and cardiovascular life support protocols. Students learn how to administer CPR in both one-person and two-person teams and in both healthcare settings and pre-hospital locations.  

HeartCode BLS

Students seeking a self-guided course can take this class which blends online curriculum with in-person, classroom training and assessment.

Bloodborne Pathogens

Bloodborne pathogens are extremely dangerous, and it’s important to learn how to reduce the risk involved in cleanup. OSHA requires employees in certain industries receive training in how to handle blood and bodily fluids to prevent the spread of disease and infection.

Fire Extinguisher Training

This course is intended to satisfy OSHA 29 CFR 1910.157 and teaches students how to effectively operate a fire extinguisher to put out small fires in a safe manner.

CPR classes

CPR Classes On-Site in Myrtle Beach

For businesses in Myrtle Beach whose employees need emergency training, on-site first aid and CPR classes are a convenient, cost-effective solution. We can also work with organizations who want to provide classes for members. Our instructors will visit your workplace and provide the same effective, practical instruction that is taught at our facility. We are also happy to customize the curriculum to apply to your industry needs, such as day care centers or dental practices.  

Contact CPR Educators to Learn More About Myrtle Beach CPR Classes

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