Cardiac arrest is the number one cause of death in the United States. Often, this is because the event occurs outside of a hospital and the victim doesn’t receive defibrillation or even CPR until first responders arrive. Those minutes are literally the difference between life and death as, without an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) or CPR, the likelihood for survival is slim.

That’s why having AED devices onsite at your workplace and a team that is trained to use them is so important. When your employees have received in-depth training with their CPR/AED certification, they know exactly what to do, allowing them to stay calm and take effective action in the event of a medical emergency, increasing the chances of not just surviving, but having a positive outcome without lasting complications. That’s why we offer workplace training on how to use AEDs as well as CPR classes in Benson.

CPR/AED Certification Saves Lives in Benson, NC

While people with pre-existing cardiovascular issues have a higher risk of cardiac arrest, it can happen without any warning to anyone. That’s because cardiac arrest stems from an electrical malfunction in the heart that causes the heartbeat to be irregular or to stop, whereas a heart attack is caused by a blocked artery which stops circulation. Taking a CPR class in Benson allows you to understand how to provide care, regardless of the problem.

Because cardiac arrest is related to an electrical problem, using an AED is particularly beneficial because it can put the heart back into proper rhythm and get blood flowing again. However, an AED should also be used for a heart attack to attempt to get the heart pumping again, especially because without medical diagnosis, you don’t know if the victim is suffering from a cardiac arrest or a heart attack.

The most important thing to know about cardiac arrest is that the faster help is administered, the better the chances for the victim. This is why having a device on site and a team who has taken AED and CPR classes improves the chance of survival with a good outcome. Receiving defibrillation, a victim has a 70 percent chance of coming through without neurological effects whereas CPR alone only has a 50% likelihood of a positive outcome.

Why Choose Our AED and CPR Classes in Benson, NC?

Setting up a worksite CPR class is beneficial to both your team and your company. Not only will your staff receive qualified, experienced training, you won’t have to chase people down to make sure they get it done or worry about reimbursing them for their classes. By the end of the experience they will have their CPR/AED certification and will know how to stay calm and level headed during an emergency and will be able to act fast.

Our American Heart Association CPR Classes with AED certification include:

  • How to recognize cardiac arrest and when someone needs CPR or AED rescue.
  • When to contact 911 for medical help and what to say to the operator.
  • The benefits of using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) device.
  • Mastering the prompts, lights, and messages on an AED device.
  • Where to look for an AED device in a business or public setting in a store, mall, or stadium.
  • Reviewing the ‘Good Samaritan Law’ and how it applies to you.

We take pride in being an American Heart Association (AHA) authorized training center and teach the AHA curriculum, which includes the five factors that improve survival chances for victims of cardiac arrest, heart attack, stroke, and other emergencies, including:

  • Recognition and activation of the emergency response system
  • Immediate high-quality CPR
  • Rapid defibrillation
  • Basic and advanced emergency medical services
  • Advanced life support and post-arrest care

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